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Information Exchange Program

Appreciating Your Information Needs
Over the course of each year, the Institute examines many aspects of local government in our publications.  However, we recognize that your information needs do not necessarily coincide with the topics covered by – or the timing of their appearance in – those publications.  We appreciate that your particular improvement initiatives will generate their own demands for information and will proceed in their own defined direction, at their own prescribed pace.  That means that your need for timely assistance will require a broad range of information, accessible on an on-going basis.  To address these information needs, we have created the Information Exchange Program.
Information Exchange Program
Here is where our Members turn to meet their specific information needs.  Whether you have a quick question or a complex research assignment, this program can provide the answers.  It draws on a network of some 6,000 innovators in the field of performance improvement for local government.
Information Network
The Information Network is a comprehensive database of contacts and information on virtually all aspects of local-government improvement.  It currently contains several thousand listings of individuals and organizations who are working to achieve excellence in local government.  All our Members are included as well as persons from wherever our publications are read who are, or have been, involved in some aspect of local-government improvement.  Some have specific experience on a specific program in a specific department; others have a broad range of experience with many local governments.
In addition to its many contacts with experience in local-government improvement, the database contains listings of published and unpublished material in this field.  This extensive range of material includes all columns and articles from the Journal, all commentaries from View from the Cordillera, articles from other periodicals, as well as studies, reports, plans, proposals, analyses, and similar documents from a variety of sources.  It also includes policies, procedures, practices, programs, ordinances, by-laws, agreements, and applications which have contributed to advancing excellence in local government.
Network Listing Service
The Information Network is being expanded constantly by the contributions of the participants, by the efforts of our Members, and through our on-going research activities.  All Municipal / Corporate Members are automatically listed when joining the Institute.  If you are not covered by a Municipal / Corporate Membership as yet, you may still request a listing in the Network Listing Service.  Just send us an email with the words Network Listing in the subject line.  Be sure to include your title, organization, a description of your expertise and areas of interest, plus information on any local-government improvement initiatives in which you are, have been, or will be involved.  For each item accepted for listing, you will be entitled to 1 free request from the Information Request Service.
Network Access Service
This service offers access to the ideas, research, analyses, findings, and recommendations of the persons and organizations in the Information Network.  Depending on the nature and scope of the enquiry, you may prefer to obtain published material or to have direct contact with the source.
Information Order Service
Any of the material in the Information Network may be ordered using this service.  Depending on your timing and budget, we may supply the information directly or put you in touch with the appropriate sources.
Information Request Service
If the information you need is not in our database, you may invite persons on the network to answer your request.  Requests for information will be posted in a special Information Exchange area on our website.
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