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Welcome to the Cordillera Institute web site.

If you care about improving your local government;
If you would like it to be more efficient, more effective, or more accountable;
If you would like it to be able to withstand the pressures from senior government to merge it out of existence; or
If you would like to have local government restored to your community ...
You've come to the right place.
Since 1994, our Institute has been dedicated to:
excellence in local government;
its survival in all our communities; and
its restoration in those communities which have lost it.
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The buttons below are provided to enable you to navigate the site and to find quickly the information you need.  In the sidebar to the right, you will find brief explanations of each set of buttons.
If this is your 1st visit, ...
be sure to read the note from our Director.  It provides a brief history of our Institute and introduces the programs we have designed to assist you on your journey to excellence.
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William E. (Will) Ogden
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is our on-going commentary on achieving excellence in local government.  By clicking on the buttons to the left, you can order a Free Issue of a recent commentary, register to receive Free Summaries of all future commentaries, Subscribe to receive the full text of each future commentary, and Order the full text of any past issue.  You can read summaries of the most recent commentaries by clicking on the buttons under the What's New heading.  To see the catalog of all past issues, click on the button below.
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Share Your Success Story
The fast track to achieving excellence is to adapt the successes of others to benefit your organization.  So, telling your story will assist your colleagues in other local-government agencies to become more efficient, more effective, or more accountable.  It may even make the difference between their continued survival or their being merged out of existence.  At the same time, you'll bring widespread recognition to your organization.  VFC is now read by those on 4 continents who govern, manage, assist, support, and sustain our local governments.  So, your article will enjoy a broad exposure to your peers at home and in many other parts of the world.
Submit an Article Author Guidelines No Writer Available? Contributing Authors
Share Your Success Story ...
provides a button to Submit an Article, an Author Guidelines button to find answers to questions most often asked by our guest authors, a No Writer Available? button to show you how you can still share your success story even if you have no writer available, and a button to review the list of more than 75 Contributing Authors who have contributed 1 or more articles to our publications.
Local Government Performance Checkup
This initiative enables you to find the 'hidden' savings in your budget by comparing the performance of your organization with that of your peers.
Enroll Your Organization Sponsor an Organization Submit Your Data More Details
Local Gov't. Performance Checkup ...
By clicking on the buttons under this heading, you can Enroll your organization, Sponsor an organization, Submit your data, and read More Details of this initiative.
Other Institute Programs
Research Publication Information Exchange Performance Improvement
Other Institute Programs ...
include the Research, Publication, Information Exchange, and Performance Improvement programs.
About the Institute
Founded in 1994, the Cordillera Institute is an independent public-policy organization dedicated to excellence in local government.
Who We Are Meeting a Critical Need Achieving Excellence What We Do
About the Institute ...
begins with information on Who We AreMeeting a Critical Need describes our mission.  Achieving Excellence provides our definition of excellence.  What We Do outlines how we employ our resources.
About Our People
The success of any organization is determined by the quality of its people.  Our Institute benefits from having some of the best.
Volunteer Opportunities Institute Associates Editorial Advisory Board Institute Ambassadors
About Our People ...
introduces you to Institute Associates, to our Editorial Advisory Board, to Volunteer Opportunities, and pays tribute to the Institute Ambassadors.
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